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My Business Genius – My Promise to You:
“Give me a frustrated but willing business owner who has a stagnant failing business and within six months we will double sales, double its value and slash costs, or I will work with you for FREE for another year”.

Selection criteria apply.

My 7 level secret system – developed over 30 years – applied to your business has the power to grow it at a staggering rate. It will do this quickly and easily.

Remember it is the systems in it, that makes a business valuable, not the product. Just look at the hamburger stores.

No one else will tell you these systems and no one else will give you the step by step guides I have developed. No one else has my insight and experience in business, training and applied mathematics.

No one else really wants to help you as I do. I have spent $250K in coaches to learn and perfect my unique set of systems.

I grew my own business twenty times while learning this knowledge.

Opportunities are limited to just 10 businesses a Course. Each course starts with a seven week intensive setup, installation and turnaround period. It is a program for family businesses. Act now as this offer is for a limited time only.

Steve’s knowledge, experience and skill will accelerate your success. Simply be open to learning new approaches that no one else teaches without huge hourly rates. Steve will share with you a ‘pocket rocket’ version of the full 2 year long Business Genius course he has developed.

Remember, Steve is an A grade teacher who has passion for helping others. Mentors are better than mistakes! Let Steve accelerate your success. Ask about the scholarship program now. Phone 0414889963

Steve Marshall at My Business Genius
Steve Marshall Birthday party with grand children

Steve Marshall Online

Steve is here to help you get the mindset and skills you need to prosper in business. He is aware of the traps and pitfalls in transitioning from paid employment to self employment. There is a lot to learn and there are new ways to think. Finding your natural flow is also really important. 


Steve is really keen to help others. He has spent decades enjoying an abundant life. This has involved great careers, great homes and great businesses. It has led to owning hundreds of vehicles, lots of experiences – and to extensively exploring Australia.

Just remember that, “Mentors are cheaper than Mistakes”.

“Your mind set is so important. Learning what NOT to do is as important as learning WHAT to do”! says Steve.

About Me

My passions are: Helping others up, coaching, telling great stories and remote adventures.

Do you want to double your business income in a year? I have devised The Double Income Way to help struggling businesses. I guarantee the program. I spent 30 years in business and huge money on coaches learning to double income annually. Now I can explain the secrets to doing it.

Unlock Your Land Rover Genius, Intel from 50 Years x 14 Land Rovers x 2 Million Km (Global Publishing 2017) was my first book. Its an essay on positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. However I have set these threads behind the fun and adventures of owning a Land Rover.

As a 5 year old I wanted a Land Rover when I grew up. As a young adult I aspired to own a Range Rover. Now I can look back and say: “I have owned many!” Plus I have owned scores of other cars, including a Ferrari. I have reached my goals and also help others. This includes transforming an orphanage in Kenya from starvation to thriving with a shop and chicken farm. How did I achieve these things? What did I learn to fund my passions? How did I go from having a job to being my own boss and making a Range Rover my work office? How did I return to the Navy after decades away? How did I achieve my dreams? What lessons did I learn that can fast track your success?

Book a call and enroll right now in Steve’s FREE 1 hour live-webinar to get the answers. These will surprise and delight you! These proven strategies are easier than you expect.

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Steve Marshall Book

Steve’s Book

An essay in positive thinking, fun and Australian off road adventures titled:
“Unlock Your Land Rover Genius, Intel from 50 Years x 14 Land Rovers x 2 Million Km”, Global Publishing. 2017.

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Steve’s Expeditions

FREE Land Rover 75 Years Trans-Australia Expedition Departs Byron Bay on ANZAC Day. Fund Raising for Mates4Mates. LIST CLOSED. 


What People Say

In the eighteen months I have known Steve, he has transformed my thinking. He has given me the inspiration to realize some of my biggest dreams.

Steve has a wisdom and vision which flow from diverse attributes: a sharp intellect, a lifetime of invaluable knowledge drawn from his careers in the Navy, teaching and in business. He has innate emotional intelligence.

What sets Steve apart as a coach is a winning combination of factors: a fire in his belly and a life force that drives him to learn and grow. He aims high with a warmth and generosity of spirit to share what he knows. He does this to help elevate others. He has the gift of being able to connect with people, unlock their power and energise them in  a healing and positive way. Plus he has the knowledge and skill to help raise people up above the crowd. So then they operate on a higher plane and at their full potential.

Steve has a healing, patient, compassionate, abundant and life-affirming, inspirational kind of energy. This is coupled with a delightful and hearty sense of humour and humanity. These attributes sit comfortably alongside a deep commitment, staying power and conscientiousness which he applies to every project he undertakes.

If you want to operate at a higher level, reach your goals, realize your dreams and achieve success and fulfillment in your life, the “Steve” effect is a game changer!

Ingrid Sikk, Lawyer, Toorak, VIC.

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