Scots School, Bathurst 86-99

Steve’s Teaching Story

Positive talk wins every day. I experimented with this theory as a Physics teacher, at Scots Bathurst. I used positive words exclusively. My students topped the State! I had no behaviour issues to deal with. Teaching was a joy. I did not have a DipEd but my experience training Officers in the RAN paid off. I used training strategies and my students excelled.

Using positive words, I inspired many volunteers in Bathurst City too. My vision resulted in the largest celebration of its type in Bathurst’s history. The weekend in March 1996, when the NSW Governor came to Bathurst on Steam train 3801, completely changed the status of Scots. It set it up to become Scots All Saints College today. See my blog under category Teaching Career.

Ingrid Sikk, Lawyer, Toorak.

Good Morning Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I have finished reading your book. What a well written piece of work. Whilst I do not really understand the technical aspects of Landy, I definitely understand the adventure. Some of the experiences you have had, whilst scary, are also what obviously drives your passion and love for the Land Rover. Great read. Thanks for the opportunity to get a glimpse into your world. Well Done.

David Noonan, CEO AWAHS

Infectiously passionate, Steve weaves stories with deep knowledge and immense experience in a unique fashion, with a huge serving of his checky sense of humour.

Professor Kristine Martin McDonald

Steve has told his Land Rover stories with candour and heart. They will enrich the lives of all Land Rover owners everywhere….unique, informative entertaining.

Matthew Wiessner, MD Jaguar Land Rover, Australia.

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