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Steve has two main passions: They are coaching businesspeople and encouraging the safe and responsible use of four-wheel drive vehicles. Steve is the author of Unlock Your Land Rover Genius, Intel from 50 Years x 14 Land Rovers x 2 Million Km. (Global Publishing 2017) He is also CEO at My Business Genius. Steve has set up this business to give back. It is there to help you quickly and affordably reach your full potential as a business owner.

My Business Genius has a special emphasis on teaching essential knowledge, not normally taught at school or at university, that you really must know to achieve your full potential. It is the matters you do not know that defeat you in war and in business. Drawing on age old wisdom, our webinars will help you unlock your creative power and leadership potential. It will help you to better understand yourself and to lead and inspire your team.

‘In short:

Steve’s is an expert teacher with high distinction university results. He  has training qualifications from Defence with training and experience as an Instructor and in Training Analysis and Design.


After gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Psychology from University of NSW, Steve gained a license to drive a guided missile destroyer. He was just 23. Soon after, he was the Navigation Officer of the survey ship HMAS Moresby. He was as a Maritime Officer in the RAN serving both full time, and periodically as an active reservist, from 1976 until 2021, a period spanning 45 years. 

While acting in a Deputy Director level in the Hydrographic Service, at 25 years of age, Steve developed the Trials Program for the new data logger on the oceanographic ship HMAS Cook. His Naval Officer report at the time records that he achieved ‘excellent’ results and maintained ‘excellent’ relationships throughout both the Defence and Scientific communities.

Looking for new challenges, Steve then returned to his high school, Scots Bathurst, as the Physics Teacher. Many of his students receive marks in the top 10 in the NSW HSC exams. This was highly regarded as it was extremely rare in non-selective country schools with small class numbers. Steve used navy Instructor techniques to teach at this level. It paid off.

As President of the Scots Old Boys Association (1990-96) and part-time Development Officer at the school, 1991-96) Steve inspired and organized the NSW Governor’s 1996 visit to Scots and Bathurst. For three years he chaired monthly meetings of the organizers. He was also active organizing and attending scores of promotion events, for former students, across NSW in the lead up. 

The NSW Governor, His Excellency Gordon Samuels,  arrived in the restored NSW Railways Governor’s Carriage. It was drawn by steam train 3801. He was met by a precession of 120 vintage vehicles and attended 52 events in the city. He was also met by a Scots Guard of Honour. The Governor was the guest of honour at the Scots School Jubilee Celebrations plus a very large Highland Gathering at the school. 

The resulting Bathurst Celebrates Weekend, in March 1996, became known as the largest event in Bathurst’s history, second only to the car races. Thousands of visitors attended from all over Australia. The good will generated, saved The Scots School from the banks closing it. This turn around set it up to become the highly regarded college, Scots All Saints, today.

Later that year, Steve purchased a trailer hire business called Self Move. He grew it into a national van hire company and computerized the booking processes. He set up an off-shore call centre and for a period recruited overseas staff to work for other Australian vehicle rental companies.

Steve’s main business has evolved to be known as ‘Go With The Gecko’. It provides a booking service for utilities and vans nationally at places like Bunnings and Mitre 10 stores. Steve created the vision and built the team by investing in his own education and acquiring mentors. He no longer owns this business.

Steve is the author of a book on positive thinking. He tells his stories in the context of achieving success owning and enjoying many Land Rovers, Range Rovers plus other cars including a Ferrari. Yes, that was while still a school teacher.

The book is called “Unlock Your Land Rover Genius, intel from 50 Years x 14 Land Rovers x 2 Million Km’. This led to Steve being invited to be the key note speaker at the largest Land Rover owners rally in the world, at Cooma, at Easter in 2018.

Steve has walked through barriers and overcome some great challenges including a narcissistic parent and being diagnosed with PTSD from service in the 1980s. He is empathetic man and gifted Public Speaker, Leader and Entrepreneur.

A 40 plus year love for outback travel and 50 years of Land Rover ownership resulted in Steve inspiring and gathering Land Rover owners from all states. Ten teams, in mostly ex-Army Land Rovers, recently participated in the Land Rover 75 Years Trans-Australia Expedition. They departed from Byron Bay Service Club on ANZAC Day. All ten vehicles arrived at Steep Point WA on the 21st day as planned. This initiative has raised almost $10,000 for the Mates4Mates, a defence charity.

This expedition crossed Australia at its widest point saluting the late Army Surveyor and author, Len Beadell. His team called the Gunbarrel Highway Construction Party created 10,000km of remote desert tracks. The expedition was a celebration of our incredible freedom plus a ‘hats off’ to the Leyland Brothers who were the first to drive this route in 1966.

Next Steve drove the Canning Stock Route – alone- taking ten days to drive 2000km in beautiful desert wilderness. This was part of a two month 25,000km off highway circuit that included little known tracks in the Kimberley Ranges in WA and Cape York in QLD. Going it alone was a test in mindset and preparation which he enjoyed.

Steve also supports an orphanage in Kenya with a fixed percentage of his income. This is transforming lives as children are being fed and educated. You can help too by going to the shop and giving pages on this site.


In Steve’s view, a rich life is not all about money. Its helping other people grow. It’s giving back to others.

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What People Say

In the eighteen months I have known Steve, he has transformed my thinking. He has given me the inspiration to realize some of my biggest dreams.

Steve has a wisdom and vision which flow from diverse attributes: a sharp intellect, a lifetime of invaluable knowledge drawn from his careers in the Navy, teaching and in business. He has innate emotional intelligence.

What sets Steve apart as a coach is a winning combination of factors: a fire in his belly and a life force that drives him to learn and grow. He aims high with a warmth and generosity of spirit to share what he knows. He does this to help elevate others. He has the gift of being able to connect with people, unlock their power and energise them in  a healing and positive way. Plus he has the knowledge and skill to help raise people up above the crowd. So then they operate on a higher plane and at their full potential.

Steve has a healing, patient, compassionate, abundant and life-affirming, inspirational kind of energy. This is coupled with a delightful and hearty sense of humour and humanity. These attributes sit comfortably alongside a deep commitment, staying power and conscientiousness which he applies to every project he undertakes.

If you want to operate at a higher level, reach your goals, realize your dreams and achieve success and fulfillment in your life, the “Steve” effect is a game changer!

Ingrid Sikk, Lawyer, Toorak, Australia.

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