Land Rover 75 Year – Badge 100: Perentie – Mates4Mates – Land Rover Defender (only 100 made)

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Land Rover 75 Year Mates4Mates Perentie Freedom Badge. This unique badge comes in a black silk lined gift box. Only 100 made and each one is numbers. Not all are for sale. Number 75 will be auctioned at Cooma this Easter to raise funds for Mates4Mates.


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These badges salute Our God Given and hard won Freedom, our Land Rovers, our Servicemen and Women who have fought and won against tyranny plus the Coronation of Our King. The Land Rover 75 Year Expedition will pass the biggest rock in the world as King Charles is Crowned seated on the Rock of Destiny. (That rock in the Coronation Chair - some times called the stone of Scone of Scotland was determined by Royal Commission in 1919 to be Jacob's Pillar - the one mentioned in Genesis 12.) Limited to just 100 badges, each one is numbered and packaged in a silk lined gift box for the discerning collectors. All purchases will be posted by 21 April 2023. Only available while stocks last. No 75 is only available by auction. It will be mounted with other the two other badges on a shield. This auction will be held at the Land Rover 75 Year Event in Cooma Easter April 2023.

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