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In the eighteen months I have known Steve, he has transformed my thinking. He has given me the inspiration to realize some of my biggest dreams.

Steve has a wisdom and vision which flow from diverse attributes: a sharp intellect, a lifetime of invaluable knowledge drawn from his careers in the Navy, teaching and in business. He has innate emotional intelligence.

What sets Steve apart as a coach is a winning combination of factors: a fire in his belly and a life force that drives him to learn and grow. He aims high with a warmth and generosity of spirit to share what he knows. He does this to help elevate others. He has the gift of being able to connect with people, unlock their power and energise them in  a healing and positive way. Plus he has the knowledge and skill to help raise people up above the crowd. So then they operate on a higher plane and at their full potential.

Steve has a healing, patient, compassionate, abundant and life-affirming, inspirational kind of energy. This is coupled with a delightful and hearty sense of humour and humanity. These attributes sit comfortably alongside a deep commitment, staying power and conscientiousness which he applies to every project he undertakes.

If you want to operate at a higher level, reach your goals, realize your dreams and achieve success and fulfillment in your life, the “Steve” effect is a game changer!

Ingrid Sikk, Lawyer, Toorak. 2023.

Good Morning Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I have finished reading your book. What a well written piece of work. Whilst I do not really understand the technical aspects of Landy, I definitely understand the adventure. Some of the experiences you have had, whilst scary, are also what obviously drives your passion and love for the Land Rover. Great read. Thanks for the opportunity to get a glimpse into your world. Well Done.

David Noonan, CEO AWAHS. ( Current Employer - Part-time) 2023.

Infectiously passionate, Steve weaves stories with deep knowledge and immense experience in a unique fashion, with a huge serving of his checky sense of humour.

Professor Kristine Martin McDonald. 2017

Steve has told his Land Rover stories with candour and heart. They will enrich the lives of all Land Rover owners everywhere….unique, informative entertaining.

Matthew Wiessner, MD Jaguar Land Rover, Australia. 2017.

Dear Steve,

Congratulations on a very successful and well organised Bathurst Celebrates weekend.

On behalf of Keppel Street Community, I would like to thank you for all your wonderful enthusiasm in getting the weekend organised. You have been the driving force behind the events. I thank you for inviting us to participate and for your help and encouragement.

It has been great fun to work with you towards this event.

Kind regards


Jane F Stephens, Keppel Street Fair Committee. May 1996.

On behalf of The Scots School Council, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your tireless efforts and for your enthusiasm. The task of organising the Schools Jubilee Celebrations must have seemed somewhat overwhelming and daunting. I understand the workload was huge. I commend you on your efforts. I have received so many positive comments. Again I express my sincere appreciation for all your work.

Reverend Angus Ewin, The Scots School Council, the Presbyterian Church of Australia. 18 May 1996.

A big pat on the back to Bathurst.  Even extreme blustery conditions couldn’t keep crowds away from the celebrations in Bathurst over the weekend. It is vary rare to have a coup of three major historical events….all last week the excitement built in the City as many visitors arrived… Every state in Australia was represented…. Former students gathered for the Scots School Jubilee, a very prestigious and superbly orchestrated celebration.

And the Festivities around the 120th Anniversary of the opening of Bathurst Railway Station and the arrival of NSW Governor Gordon Samuels aboard Steam Train 3801 for his first official visit delighted many well wishers. Transport Minister Brian Langton and the Governor joined a historic vehicle procession through the streets of Bathurst and out to the Scots School. There he was guest of Honour at a Highland Gathering attended by thousands on Sunday.

The city has now been exposed to a much wider number of groups and individuals than ever before. Thousands of people have enjoyed a very special weekend. The weekend was handled in such a professional and expert manner it was always going to be the success it was. So to all the organizers, thank you for highlighting some of Bathurst’s attractions in such an attractive and positive way.

The Editor, Western Advocate, 18 May 1996.

I write on behalf of The Scots School Bathurst Cadet unit to thank you for your efforts over many months in the build up to the Freedom of Entry Parade last Saturday. Your efforts certainly enabled the Cadet Unit, Pipe Band and the Scots School to increase their profile in Bathurst and beyond. I offer my personal congratulations on the whole Bathurst Celebrates and Jubilee Weekend. It was without doubt a great weekend for the School and Bathurst. Again, my personal thanks and thanks of the Cadet Unit.

Captain GE Wilbow, RAA, Commanding Officer The Scots School Cadet Unit. 18 May 1996.

I would love to be in the lesson- excellent preparation and great fun. Assignment excellent – preparation in all areas thorough and presented clearly. 40/40.

Foundation of Teaching Method, Lecturers Comments, Charles Sturt University, 20 April 1990

An extremely innovative and exciting project. You’ve outlined the procedures clearly and the rationale is explicit and evident in the organisation. I applaud your cross discipline links – wonderful! Does Scots realise what an asset they have in their Science Department? 24/25.

Foundation of Teaching Method, Lecturers Comments, Charles Sturt University, 25 May 1990

Lieutenant Marshall has been posted to the RAN Hydrographic School for duty on a number of occasions during the last three years. He has been employed in a variety of areas including:

Specialist Instructor

Fieldwork Supervisor

Technical Authorship

Research, and

Course Costing and Finance

No matter what activity he has been assigned, he has managed to grasp the requirement quickly and then carried out the task thoroughly and with the minimum of fuss.

His keen and friendly manner is an asset in his ability to produce good results. It has always been a pleasure to serve with Lieutenant Marshall. I would have no hesitation or reservations should he be posted to serve under my command in the future.


RE Ward, Lieutenant Commander RAN. Officer in Charge RAN Hydrographic School, HMAS Penguin, 5 Dec 1991

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